Thursday, July 13, 2006

About Me

In my first post I alluded to being somewhat revealing. I planned to roll out some of the major factors when I got around to it and had even written a bit about them. However, after a bit of blogging I’ve gotten hoodwinked by gun-totin’ conservatives which has been enormous fun as well as informative. I have also rapidly realised long windy posts (which frankly I adore) are a no-no in blogging.

Those two factors have changed the way I’m going to do things. I’m going to reveal more rapidly because otherwise I’m going to look conniving and it’s going to be short n sweet.

So over the next few days I’ll post 4 short articles, 3 of which I assure you are not usually popular with conservatives. I’ll expand on aspects of them as separate posts over time.


dreamkatcha said...

How do you mean you've been 'hoodwinked'?

Blogsperts do recommend posting brief, but regular updates. I don't always take their advice either. It *is* easier to get stuck in if you start out with the 'little and often' approach and people are more likely to read what you write. I don't know about you, but I'm planning to sue the internet for eroding my attention span.

AFSister said...

Not popular with conservatives? Surely you jest, Trias...

(Brevity is overrated. Not always... but sometimes you just gotta get it all out. After all- isn't that why we blog?)

HD_Wanderer said...

I can't think of a better bunch of "gun toting conservatives" to be hoodwinked by.

Trias said...

Dreamkatcha: Well I'll try short. If I said everything it's be a thesis. I learnt that human attention span is a rather crummy 5 mins or so through public speaking. You have to grab and regrab all the time. Books do that too.

AFSister: Trust Me :) I love saying that.

Hd_Wanderer: Agreed.

Barb said...

Some bloggers, like essayist Bill Whittle (Eject! Eject! Eject!) can write long tomes and carry it off, but it's definitely a symptom of the click-n-go nature of browsing the internet -- we have very short attention spans!

Dreamkatcha - let us know how the lawsuit goes, okay? *grin*

Patrick said...

I agree. Attention span is very short. Welcome to the brave new world.

dreamkatcha said...

"Dreamkatcha - let us know how the lawsuit goes, okay? *grin*"

Will do. My attorney - who I found under the 'no win, big fee' section of the Yellow Pages - says I have an excellent case. :|

I had another theory about long-winded posts: I think we're stuck in the essay writing groove etched in our consciousness at school. We start out with the belief that stories and theses have to have an introduction, body and conclusion. This isn't always appropriate for blogs which are often more diary-like.

To save me having to re-introduce, and erm... re-conclude topics I try to hammer it all out in one go. If you make bite size posts you have to be wary of not repeating yourself, yet make them self-contained so someone new to your ramblings can still get the gist.

In fact - while I'm at it - I'm going to file a suit against my old school. I'll make them pay.

John of Argghhh! said...

*I* hoodwink *no one* he said, self-importantly, with "This is *important* asterisks" and everything.


Pish tosh.

As for brevity - to us Up Overs, *especially* the gun-totin' variety, for whom AWB means "Assault Weapons Ban" (boo, hisssssss) your post on the subject of the AWB was... too brevis.

Like a really insider Castle Denizen post.

That's what "below the fold" is for, if blogger supports the extended entry format.

Trias said...

There seems to be no below the fold or category feature.