Monday, July 24, 2006

ACLU Hates Gays

Once upon a time yet another small kooky Christian church sprung up out of the US bible belt. This one had its usual evangelistic style and the message of gay hate is not unusual. This church also hates Canada, Sweden, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Blacks, Islam and the UK oh my! But it had something special.

It hates the US and the military too. This is definitely not the sort of thing conservatives sit easy with especially when they protest at military funerals celebrating their death and insinuating the soldier was gay.

After being prohibited from their funeral protests they have about turned and decided to go ahead and do it anyway and this near perfect example of idiocy has occurred.

The ACLU group appear to have done many controversial and highly visible things in lawsuits. I think at the end of they day they are scrounging for donations by visibility. There’s something very screwed up inside this group.


dreamkatcha said...

I'm sure that if the Omnipotent One was that concerned about all these ungodly people breathing the same air as WBC members he'd do something about them himself.

I love this quote from the Washington Post article:

"The church and the Rev. Fred Phelps say God is allowing troops, coal miners and others to be killed because the United States tolerates gay men and lesbians."

I've always wondered why God doesn't tackle all the rampant pain and suffering in the world. Now I know; it's all the gays' fault.

You're positive this isn't some elaborate hoax?

FbL said...

Actually, it's how that "church" sustains itself--it gets as offensive as possible in order to provoke confrontations. Then they sue the people involved (most of the memebers are lawyers). Seriously.

Gollum said...

Fuzzy's right. Google Fred Phelps. Or go to wiki(US). THat dude's odder than a barrel of nines.
Phelps has beaten his kids. Forced them into arranged marriages. Stolen and extorted money from clients.
This guy is about as representative of Christians as 'Red Ken' Livinston is of Londoners.

Barb said...

Re: Phelps and his whelps -- Flaming Idjits are flaming idjits, no matter what stripe they claim. Those people aren't Christians or Baptists in any sense of the word - just sickos.

You sure nailed my view of the ACLU!! You should check out Jay's "Stop the ACLU" site.

AFSister said...

The ACLU doesn't hate gays- Phelps does. They're taking up his case to protect the right of assholes to hold up signs like "God guided the bullet that killed your son" at military funerals.

Phelps is a hater of everything except himself. Everything that is wrong in the world can be traced back to acceptance of homosexuality, and anyone that doesn't violently protest homosexuality is therefore also responsible for everything bad that happens.

The ACLU has lost their ever-lovin' mind by taking on Phelps' case. They were crazy before, but now they're just downright insane. It amazes me that people still support and promote the ACLU and their causes.

You can be anti-war and express yourself freely in the US without protesting someone's funeral or making outrageous claims like Phelps and his so-called church.